Online Business Idea for 2020

Will 2020 be different than 2019 in terms of online business ideas? Perhaps new visions will get new opportunities and a “thinking out of the box” mood?

1. Create multiple news websites

Perhaps you are wondering why not just one? The answer is very simple, as many, as you have more revenue you will get. Having a website with enough traffic on it that can ensure you a nice revenue from ads, is difficult. You should get at least 2-3000 daily visitors and quality ones too just to make 20 -30 USD in a few days, and that’s if you are using a good CPM or CPT (explanation: is the same thing Cost per Thousand Impressions system or cost¬†per mile) system like ClickADu.

So, you can start doing the math for it. Imagine having 10 websites, or even 100 websites. If all websites provide you revenue of 10$ per month, multiply with 10, means 100$, or you can multiply with 100, that means a nice revenue of minimum 1000USD per month without doing nothing. Just passive income.

2. Add Affiliate Marketing

This is one great idea to start earning even more. You can easily add some affiliation links on your website, with an easy link manager through your entire website. Amazon Associates Program is a great option to start getting very nice revenue. Imagine this, 10 – 100 websites with ads and revenues, all on auto. You already can make from 1000 to 10.000 USD per month easy.

3. 2020 Social Marketing

Start creating one single Facebook page and one single Instagram for all of them and make sure you have it shared on all websites. This will get you huge visibility on Instagram and Facebook, they in time will allow you to promote anything very fast.

4. Get a developer or do it yourself

If you have the required knowledge of doing all this, is great. If not, you can always reach a freelancer or even our developer team from A&H Web Factory, where Andrew and Helen will be more than happy to help and they can create fully automatized websites for you at any given moment.


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